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Creekside Girls Bring Holiday Cheer to Veterans

BY: TROOP 33763

Troop 33763 (Brownies, Junior and Cadettes) visited the Martinez Veterans Administration Medical Center on Sunday, December 9th. We visited over 100 veterans who are in long term care at the medical center.

Before the event, we collected donations of socks, warm hats, reading glasses, blankets, pillows, toothbrushes, toothpaste and more. Each veteran could choose 1-2 of the donated items and everyone received a bookmark made by Girl Scouts at Red, White and Blue Bowling! We also left alot of donations for the hospital workers to pass out to patients as needed.

The veterans were friendly and were happy to have visitors. One man said "I didn't have any holiday cheer until you got here!"

Our troop really enjoyed visiting the veterans and some of us thought this was the best service project we've ever done!

This activity reminded us how good it feels to give to people in need. We are hoping to visit the veterans again soon!

Members of Troop 33763 at the Martinez VA Hospital

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