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Girl Scouts Serve Community with Hillcrest Church

BY: TROOP 33354

Katy Colbath, Co-Leader of Troop 33354, is also an active member of Hillcrest Church.  Katy saw there was a great need to open up the Hillcrest Food and Clothing rooms one Saturday a month.  Katy created an opportunity for older Girl Scouts to help people in our community and to earn a Service Award by serving in the Hillcrest food and clothing rooms.

Our Troop, 33354, has been volunteering since the program started.   One of the troop members commented that serving at Hillcrest “was fun and I felt like I was doing something kind for others and it made me think about how fortunate I am.”

Others stated “It’s nice to help people because you know how they are suffering.  Kids are well behaved and it is fun being able to play games with them and put a smile on kids faces” and “It is nice to see how their faces light up and it makes you smile.”

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