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How will you share this year?

Our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, (JGL) described Girl Scouting as a "circle of friends united by our ideals." JGL was describing a community founded on the common belief that girls are leaders (change makers, inventors, influencers and entrepreneurs).

A community can be described as an "interacting population of various kinds of individuals." To be this Creekside Girl Scouts community, it is critical that we are interacting and sharing with one another our time, talent, diverse experiences, insights, inspirations, frustrations, and questions. Your interaction with the Creekside community benefits all of us! Consider how you will share this Girl Scout year.

Here are some ideas!

  1. Attend the Third Thursday volunteer meetings;

  2. Get involved with the Creekside Service Unit Team;

  3. Become a "School Representative" at a Creekside school;

  4. Be a part of a Creekside event or program;

  5. Write a post for the Creekside Blog;

  6. Write an article for the Creekside monthly news;

  7. Partner with another troop to do a patch or activity;

  8. Share your knowledge in a particular subject at a Third Thursday;

  9. Host a program level event or activity; and

  10. Support a new troop by mentoring a new leader.

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