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Oh Baby!

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

On April 18th, 2019, Creekside's Older Girl Committee (OGC) will host a baby shower during our monthly Volunteer Meeting. All of the donated baby items will help to stock the Layette Program sponsored by Hillcrest Church. Hillcrest provides layette sets, consisting of many essential baby items, to expectant mothers and families in need throughout our community.

Troops are encouraged to collect items from the list (new or gently used) and send at least one adult volunteer to the Baby Shower with their donations. Imagine how much we could give if every girl collected just one item!

Why should you and your troop participate?

- Hillcrest Church is a great support to Creekside Girl Scouts and we want to support their efforts to serve the community. Hillcrest is home to our monthly volunteer meetings, troop meetings and many events throughout the year; they allow us to use the facilities without charge.

- Support the OGC! Our older girls work hard to put on several great events throughout the year and the Baby Shower will be no exception! It is important that we encourage them in their efforts and allow them to lead US in some fun games and activities! Your attendance at the Baby Shower is a vote of confidence for our OGC girls!

- This is a very EASY collection for girls to do! We all know mothers who have baby items that were never or rarely used when their kids were small. Let's take them off their hands!

FUN! This is a great opportunity to get to know other Girl Scout volunteers and have some fun together!

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