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The Root of Joy (in Quarantine) is Gratitude

Hey Creekside! I am writing to you from the comfort of my big chair, wearing the pajamas and slippers I put on 3 (or 4) days ago – I’ve lost track. This time of social-distancing has brought unique challenges for each of us – homeschooling our children, professional changes/uncertainty and working to keep our loved ones healthy and safe.

It seems somewhat counterintuitive, in this adverse time, to ask that we spend some time and energy appreciating Girl Scout volunteers; however, I am reminded of the benefits we experience when we express gratitude. Harvard Health advises that “gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

The benefits of gratitude (happiness, positivity, health, coping with adversity and strength of relationships) are needed now more than ever! We must bolster ourselves with gratitude, and genuine appreciation of others, so we may make the best of this unique and challenging time in our lives.

Likewise, the benefits of gratitude extend to our children. They too will be happier and better able to cope with our instant adversity if they are active in expressing gratitude and appreciation.

As luck would have it, April is Girl Scout Volunteer Month – our time to show special appreciation to the adult volunteers who generously give of themselves in service to girls and Girl Scouting! We know who they are – the women and men sharing their time, talent and resources with our Girl Scout troops, service unit and community for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of girls and empowering girls to lead.

Talk to your Girl Scout about what adult volunteers do. Does your Girl Scout understand that volunteers are giving many hours of their free time to support her and help her troop accomplish their goals and bring their plans to life?

There are many things girls can do to show appreciation for adult Girl Scout volunteers while they remain in compliance with the social-distancing guidelines and shelter-in-place order. I’ve put together a short list below and provided links to other resources. Show our volunteers some love – sprinkle appreciation around like glitter!

Be sure to post some pictures of what your girl did to appreciate your troop volunteers on the Creekside Facebook page!

Check out these other resources for volunteer appreciation ideas!

Girl Scouts of Northern California -

Girl Scouts of the USA -

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