Why Girl Scout Traditions Matter

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Happy Girl Scout Week (also known as the last week of Cookie Sales for 2020 – we made it!).  I appreciate that this has been an incredibly busy time for our Girl Scouts and adult volunteers; nonetheless, I am hoping that we are able to find a moment to think about and celebrate our Girl Scout traditions and their value to our movement.

Why should my troop take the time to learn and practice the Girl Scout traditions?

Girl Scout traditions remind girls that they belong to a sisterhood that extends far beyond their troop; a sisterhood that spans over 100 years and includes millions of girls and women from all over the globe. Traditions remind us that we are part of a rich history of female world changers, beginning with our founder Juliette Gordon Low who founded Girl Scouts in 1912 (at a time before American women had the right to vote).  Our Girl Scout heritage helps to shape who our Girl Scouts are today and who they are likely to become as they grow into women and leaders in society.

Girl Scout traditions create meaningful moments for Girl Scouts, troops and families by reflecting on accomplishments and appreciating the value each girl brings to her troop and the movement as a whole.  These special moments become memories that contribute to each Girl Scout’s positive self-view and build the cohesiveness of each troop.  Traditions often provide an opportunity to say “thank you” to individuals and to celebrate troop successes.

Girl Scout traditions reinforce the values of our movement - service, relationships, responsibility and respect.  Traditions celebrate girls who demonstrate their commitment to “live by the Girl Scout Law.”

Girl Scout traditions provide a forum to showcase female role models and for Girl Scouts to see themselves reflected in female leaders.  Traditions serve as inspiriting times of reflection and motivation.

How can I guide and encourage my troop to learn about and practice the Girl Scout traditions?

Creekside Service Unit will be hosting a Girl Scout Traditions Showcase on Thursday, April 16th.  Join us to learn how you can make the Girl Scout Traditions a special (and fun) part of your troop’s experience.

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