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World Thinking Day - Why Participate?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020


World Thinking Day happens every year on February 22nd and this year Creekside Girl Scouts will be celebrating on the actual day as Girl Scouts & Girl Guides from 150 countries gather in their respective corners of the world.


World Thinking Day is a special day when Girl Scouts and Girl Guides gather to think of their “sisters” around the world and show appreciation for our global movement. World Thinking Day has been observed since 1926.


Creekside hosts a World Thinking Day event in which older girls (Junior and above) create and host country booths to engage the “tourists” (Daisy and Brownie girls) and show what it is like to be a Girl Scout in other countries. The host countries use visual displays, SWAPS, crafts and edible treats to provide the tourists with a broad sense of scouting in their country.

Each tourist receives a passport to be stamped at each country booth and “Tour Guides” will give a signal to let troops know when it is time to move to the next country.

Country hosts and tourists will receive a participation patch.


My troop has participated in World Thinking Day as both tourists and country hosts. This year we are excited to represent the Guias de Mexico (Girl Guides of Mexico)! Here is a list of how my troop has benefited from World Thinking Day . . .

As Tourists

· The troop learned that Girl Scouting is a GLOBAL movement, reaching beyond their troop, community and country. They left the event feeling a part of something BIG.

· The Daisy/Brownie girls observed the older Girl Scouts in leadership roles and were INSPIRED to become country hosts themselves.

· The girls had FUN and the troop’s volunteers were able to participate alongside with the girls.

As Country Hosts

· The troop was excited to serve the younger girls and step into their role as LEADERS. They left the event feeling like THEY HAD MADE A DIFFERENCE for the tourists by providing them with a great learning experience.

· The girls COLLABORATED to create our country display - each girl independently researched topics and contributed to the presentation, made swaps and taught tourists how to do our country’s craft (origami doves).

· The girls were reminded about our global movement and were ENCOURAGED to think about their “sisters” around the world.

· The troop has FUN and are EXCITED to participate as country hosts again.

Troop 33763 - Creekside World Thinking Day - 2015

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