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Creekside Volunteers
Make the Difference!

Thank you for providing leadership, care and coaching to the Girl Scouts serving our communities!  Creekside Service Unit exists to provide YOU, and other volunteers, with the resources and support needed to be successful and impactful in your Girl Scout volunteer journey.

Girl Scout volunteers, in every role, are often very busy and overextended in their commitments.  For this reason, it is essential that we carve out time to connect and be inspired by one another.  Bring your questions, ideas, frustrations, experiences and energy to our volunteer community.  You are essential to the success of us all.

We think that our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, said it best - "ours is a circle of friendships. united by ideals."  We invite you to join the circle!

Ours is a

Circle of Friendships

United by Ideals.

- Juliette Gordon Low

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